Barry Landscape and Maintenance


Bark Mulch Blowing and Installation

Give your landscape a clean, crisp and manicured look by mulching flowers, bushes, and trees. Mulching offers a number of advantages:
  • Cuts down the time spent on watering, weeding, and combating pests
  • Helps with erosion control, soil temperature, and soil compaction
  • Prevents mud and certain pests away from leaves, flowers, and fruits
  • Covers the soil surface around plants and helps hold moisture in the soil
We use an automated bark mulch blower which is perfect for applying mulch in new or mature plant beds, and large or small areas. Our professional operators can precisely apply mulch at a specific speed and for the desired thickness through a remote control device. This equipment is especially beneficial for steep terrain where the distribution of mulch with a wheelbarrow is virtually impossible.
Our lawn maintenance experts can help you with mulch blowing and installation.
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