Barry Landscape and Maintenance


Fertilizer and Chemical Programs

Repeated use of synthetic chemical fertilizers can harm your grass and spoil the soil quality. That’s why our professionals use organic fertilizers which benefit your lawn in numerous ways. Organic fertilizers improve the overall health of your lawn, giving it a luscious green color, improves foliage growth, and encourages root development. Spring is the best time to apply organic fertilizers to your landscape; this is when it’s the most vibrant. It’s important to note that organic fertilizer treatments take time to show results but benefits lawns in the long run.
Is your lawn infested with too many pests? If so, it’s important to get rid of those nasty pests fast. While organic fertilizers are good for plants and soil, chemicals act quickly and efficiently when getting rid of harmful insects and pests. Safety is our top priority when applying chemicals to lawns that are infested with large pest populations so that your plants, trees and grass experience little or no damage.
Almost all residential and commercial landscapes in the US use fertilizers these days. Our professionally trained applicators can preserve your lawn with the right fertilizers and chemicals available in your region.
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