Barry Landscape and Maintenance


Weeding, Mowing, and Edging

Don’t let your beautiful lawn get destroyed by weeds and pests. A healthy lawn’s beauty will be admired by all of your neighbors, friends and family; but regular maintenance is required if you want to keep your lawn looking its best. Maintaining a healthy lawn requires more than just adding some fertilizer and pesticide. Weeding, mowing, and edging are the necessary steps in keeping your lawn lush and healthy throughout the year.
Weeding: No one likes to see weeds growing in their own backyard; but many feel overwhelmed by the maintenance requirements of keeping a weed free lawn. Weeding is the process of removing unwanted plants that compete with the healthy plants for nutrients and space. Our lawn maintenance staff can help in removing weeds so that you have a lovely lawn all year round.
Mowing: There’s nothing more tiring and time consuming than mowing a lawn. That’s why our experts take mowing chores off your hands. Our experts know that different grass species require different mowing techniques, and that mowing below the optimum height hampers root growth. We can mow your lawn on a weekly or monthly basis depending on the grass type.
Edging: Our experts know that it’s important to give a finishing touch to your lawn once it’s mowed and edging does exactly that! Edging gives a neat, clean look to a freshly mowed lawn. We can edge your lawn’s sidewalks and driveways at an affordable price.
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